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MCPE Paint the Town Blue Campaign

We are painting the town blue! You can showcase your support for Medfield Public Schools by donating to MCPE's 35th Anniversary Appeal and proudly displaying a blue ribbon on your mailbox. Why should you support the Anniversary Appeal? Without MCPE, many of the educational enrichment tools and professional development opportunities that differentiate Medfield Public Schools and make our students' academic experiences truly unique would simply not be possible, as they are outside the school budget. Over many years, MCPE has brought innovative and rewarding initiatives to students in all five public schools. From Numicon kits and Passport Club in our elementary schools to new books for World Language classrooms, a disc golf course, and pickleball at the middle and high schools, every single child that comes through the Medfield public school system benefits from grants funded by MCPE. This year, we are partnering with our schools to fund ambitious projects that will make a real difference in our students' educational experience. Please watch this video, which features the administrators of all five Medfield schools discussing the impactful improvements they have selected as their projects.

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