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All school personnel, and others applying on behalf of a school, are eligible to apply for a grant, as long as direct impact on students can be demonstrated.

Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Tools

Memorial School

This grant funds phonetic awareness tools for Kindergarten, intended to foster literacy development among our youngest readers.

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Adaptive Art Program Supplies

Memorial School

This grand funds the Adaptive Art program in Medfield to educate neurodiverse students in small groups with direct instruction that is tailored to their abilities, interests and sensory needs.


Flexible Seating

Dale Street School

This grant provided additional flexible seating options for fourth grade that allow students to participate fully, collaborate, and engage in critical thinking.

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Read, Ride and Rejuvenate!

Dale Street School

New “Read, Ride and Rejuvenate” stationary bicycles in the library to give more students the ability to move during their day, helping with focus and emotional regulation.

Casual Business Meeting

Empowering Communities: Establishing Guidelines for Inclusive DEIB Conversations and Addressing Identity-Related Aggressions

Blake Middle School and Medfield High School

This grant funded new professional development opportunity at Blake and the High School focused on community empowerment through inclusion

Writing with Pen

Script Writers (Copyrighting A New Work)

Blake Middle School

This grant will cover the expense needed to copyright a new and original play/script by 10-15 students. This grant will also cover the cost of ordering first editions of the text the students involved. 


Decodable Texts for Science of Reading Instruction

Memorial School

This grant funds decodable books to use for classroom instruction, and for the book carts so students can practice reading at home.

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3Doodlers: Low-Tech Makerspace Addition to Wheelock LMC

Wheelock School

This grant funded 3-D Doodle pens for the Wheelock MakerSpace that will provide students an avenue for creativity and allow students to make projects they can take with them.

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Slant Boards

Wheelock School

This grant funded new slant boards for student use to facilitate better handwriting and increased attention

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Empowering Belonging & Middle School Creativity: Marketing and Digital Design Grant

Blake Middle School

This project strengthens our school's belonging theme through design media, marketing, and merchandise.

Woman with Camera

Video Studio

Medfield High School

This grant funded a new TV production/video studio that will be used by students to create content that can be shared within the school and the town at large via Medfield TV and the department’s YouTube channel.


AquaBoost Grant: Enhancing Student Hydration Through Automated Water Filling Stations

Blake Middle School

The grant successfully funded the installation of two new water bottle filling stations at Blake, enhancing hydration accessibility for approximately 700 students and staff. Strategically placed in the 6th grade wing and by the 7th and 8th grade science rooms, these additions aim to minimize wait times and encourage water intake throughout the school day. (Blake PTO also helped to fund this grant.)

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