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MCPE Grants

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LadiBugs Document Cameras

Memorial School

This grant funded document cameras for the intervention team at Memorial. This technology enhanced remote learning during the hybrid model, and it will be used for many years to come!


Hue Document Cameras 

Dale Street School

This grant fulfilled the request for 47 Hue Document Cameras for teachers to use with their current Epson projectors. This technology gave teachers a better opportunity to model, engage, and reach learners during the synchronous teaching.


Supporting Reading Choice/Access

Blake Middle School

Blake Middle School's library budget was supplemented by this grant to update the collection to best meet the needs of the learning community.

Kids robot

K-5 Robotics Reboot 

Dale Street, Wheelock & Memorial Schools

This grant funded project based learning, problem solving skills and coding experience through the use of age-appropriate robotics.  New robotics were added to the Makerspaces/Fab Labs/Libraries.

Image by Clay Banks

ACT Training for Gatekeepers


This grant funded suicide prevention training to MPS “gatekeepers” - staff who are in a position to identify, intervene and/or refer students for mental health services in an attempt to prevent suicide. 


Redcat Systems

Wheelock School

This grant funded the purchase of 19 classroom Redcat systems (across 18 homerooms and the Library Media Center) at Wheelock.  These audio systems were equipped with additional microphones for students to utilize.

Computer Class

Hybrid Learning 2.0

Blake Middle School 

This grant supported teachers by offering robust platforms through digital media to help engage all students and enhance curriculum in all learning environments, specifically this year’s hybrid learning model.

Open Book

Special Education Library

Wheelock School

This grant funded a library full of high interest, lower level books that at risk readers will bring home to enjoy and practice their reading with their families.

App Screens

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open


Medfield was enriched by Sarah Ward's dynamic workshop on executive functioning in the remote and hybrid world.  The grant funding included a presentation and training for elementary staff, secondary staff and the Medfield community. 

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