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Robert c.Maguire


The 2021-22 Robert C. Maguire Award was presented to 5th Grade teacher, Bethany Sager. Mrs. Sager was nominated by her colleague Christine Hayes. 


"Bethany instills the importance of giving back and caring for our community and beyond in every student who passes through her classroom - or even just sees her in the hallway! From little things like the importance of recycling and not being wasteful, to a project she pours her whole heart into year after year: Global Giving - I knew I had to nominate my coworker! On top of our ever-growing curriculum, Bethany makes the time each year to do the Global Giving project at our school that allows her students to raise money for children across the globe."

About the Award

Robert (Bob) Maguire was the Superintendent of Medfield Schools from 1999 – 2013.  


This award will be given to a staff member whose effort embodies Bob’s vision for further developing students’ global understanding and readiness to engage in the expanding global economy. Similar to Bob, the award recipient will be someone who inspires students to look beyond the town of Medfield and learn more about the global community through innovative programs and technologies.


This may include initiatives that:

  • Use innovative technologies to enhance learning, foster collaboration, and develop connections with other people and communities

  • Increase multicultural awareness and appreciation

  • Bring multicultural elements into the curriculum

  • Develop links with schools or organizations in other nations or different ethnic communities within the US 

Each year, all staff, parents and students are invited to nominate staff members for the award. 


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