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2022-2023 Annual Report

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Hi seasoned Medfielders and those new to town! In case you missed our Annual Report, published this past spring in the Hometown Weekly, as well as our website, we achieved some pretty amazing goals!

Celebrating a Year of Achievement!

Thanks to our incredible community's generosity and the unwavering dedication of our educators and administrators, MCPE has wrapped up yet another year of success, full of enrichment and innovation for Medfield Public Schools.

Impactful Grants: We're thrilled to announce that MCPE utilized funds raised throughout the year to support 12 outstanding grants, totaling over $40,000! These grants are brimming with unique ideas that enrich the educational journey of our K-12 students.

Reconnecting After the Pandemic: After a pandemic-induced hiatus, we're thrilled to have brought back some of our favorite events. Your support during this time has been invaluable.

Gratitude to All: Heartfelt thanks to the families, individuals, and community supporters who contributed to MCPE through various activities. You can find a complete list of donors for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2022, on our website.

Acknowledgments: MCPE extends its gratitude to our dedicated Board, incredible Teachers, Administrators & Staff, esteemed Corporate Sponsors, and the entire Community. Your collective support allows us to continue our mission of raising and granting funds to the PreK-12 schools.

Together, we're making a profound impact on education in our community. Here's to another year of success and growth!

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