Investment Chart

 2018/19 Grants


Memorial - Revitalizing Memorial LMC’s Reading Nook

This grant provided Memorial’s LMC with flexible seating options to accommodate large groups of students, match their various learning styles, and facilitate a wide variety of student-centered activities taking place in the library.

Blake - Weather Station v1.0

This grant funded a weather station to provide real-time weather and climate data to Blake students and staff.

Wheelock - Big Blue Playground Blocks

This grant provided Wheelock students a 55 piece set of ‘Big Blue Blocks’ for indoor and outdoor creative play opportunities during student recess and physical education classes.

District Wide: Introduction to Executive Function Skills presented by Sarah Ward

This grant funded two education workshops for Medfield’s elementary teaching staff and for K-12 parents, presented by Sarah Ward, an expert on the topic of Executive Functioning.

Memorial - Sound for student and staff well-being (Redcat Systems)

This grant funded 21 Redcat classroom audio systems and 2 Flexmike microphones for students and teachers to utilize in Memorial's Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms.

Blake / MHS - Developing Reflective Learners

This Grant paid for Teachers and Administrators to attend Professional Development Seminars  on 'Assessment, Calibration, and Student Feedback'.

District Wide - National Art Association Annual Conference

This grant funded attendance for all K-12 Medfield Art teachers to the NAEA Annual conference being held in Boston, offering 1,000 educational art sessions over three days.

Blake - Whimsical Explorations in the Courtyard

This grant provided grade six “Whimsical Explorations” students with Makerspace and related materials to design and create products intended to celebrate and display their poetry, as well as enhance the courtyard space at Blake school.

Blake - Mic-Check, Mic-Check in Public Speaking!

This grant provided portable microphones to Blake students in public speaking and other classroom settings to record high quality audio for their Everyday Blakers podcasts, allowing for more student voice in the podcasts and in public speaking.

Blake entered the NPR podcasting competition with 3 different podcasts from the 7th grade public speaking class using the new microphones!. Listen to the below links to the podcasts:


9/11 A moment in History All Students Should Learn About

Kneeling During the National Anthem a Debatable Topic

Social Media: Grownups Just Don't Understand (or do they?)

Dale St. - Classroom STEM Kits

This grant provided each classroom in Dale Street School with supplies and resources for STEM stations for student use in school-wide challenges, integrated with engineering standards, designed to guide students in becoming expert problem solvers, doers, and inventors.

Dale St. - RedCat Sound System

This grant funded 21 Redcat classroom audio systems with an additional Redcat microphone for students and teachers to utilize in Dale’s 18 homerooms and 3 world language classrooms.

Elementary - Jessica Minahan on Anxiety and Behavior

This grant funded Social Emotional Learning programs consisting of three presentations from Jessica Minahan on Reducing Anxienty in the Classroom to parents and educators, as well copies of Jessica’s book, The Behavior Code,for Medfield’s elementary school teachers’ spring book club.

Memorial Grade 1 Classroom Book Update for Independent Reading

This grant funded nine sets of updated and current Independent Reading books, reflecting various subject areas and both fiction and nonfiction stories, for Memorial’s grade 1 classrooms.

Memorial - Model Me Kids-Social Skills Curriculum

This grant funded curriculum to support the development of social skills for children with autism through the use of video modeling and reinforcement of skills with lesson plans and weekly reinforcement charts

Memorial - Read Along With Me!

This grant provided eight upgraded listening centers, comprised of portable CD/Cassette players with Bluetooth capabilities and eight new headsets, for each Kindergarten classroom in Memorial School.

MHS & Blake - BreakOut

October 02, 2018

This grant funded 6 Breakout Edu kits designed to provide grade 6-12 science students the opportunities for collaborative problem solving, inquiry, creativity and teamwork in the context of their middle and high school science curricula.      

District - Clay Recycler

October 02, 2018

This grand funded a pug mill to implement a more efficient and effective clay recycling program in the Medfield schools,  contributing to an increased student understanding of clay materiality and an improved utilization of clay scraps. 

MHS & Blake - 3D Plastic Recycler

October 02, 2018

This grant funded a plastic recycler to provide opportunities for Bake and High School students to become stewards of their environment by reducing and reusing the waste inherent in the process of 3D printing.

Blake Middle School - 3D Printers

October 02, 2018

This grant funded four 3D printers and filament to enable Blake students the opportunity to become designers and creators using cutting-edge technology and STEAM/engineeering skills to visualize and create their own imaginations.

MHS - Project Self Success

October 02, 2018

This grant funded off- and on-campus activities focused on team building, collaboration, and problem solving for students in the High School English Seminar Class designed to help struggling learners find success in their personal and academic lives.

Memorial - Choose to be Nice

October 02, 2018

This grant funded copies of children's literature and student recognition stickers that directly support and reinforce each of the nine positive values promoted in Memorial School’s new “Choose To Be Nice” curriculum.

Memorial: Improving the school Environment

October 02, 2018

This grant funded live indoor trees and plants designed to reduce anxiety and improve air quality at Memorial School.

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 2017/18 Grants

Wheelock - Let's Travel Around the World!

May 09, 2018

This grant funded seven picture books for each second grade  classroom (one for each of the continents). It also funded a pilot of the Passports program, which will be an after-school enrichment program offered to up to 30 students. With the help of parent and high school volunteers, students in the program will learn in depth about specific countries. The goal with both components of the grant is to broaden students' understanding of the global community.

Blake Middle School - Social Thinking

May 09, 2018

This grant funded a Social Behavior Mapping visual tool (dry-erase poster) which supports th Social Thinking curriculum, which is designed to improve the social emotional skills of all students. Social Behavior Mapping offers cognitive behavior strategies to teach students about the specific relationship between behaviors, others' perspectives, others' actions (consequences) and the student's own emotions about those around him or her. SBM is a visual tool that displays these abstract concepts through a flow chart. 

Blake - Outdoor Classroom

May 09, 2018

This grant provided funds to Blake's Community Service Club to establish an outdoor classroom space in the woods behind Blake Middle School. The space will be a place where students and teachers can gather for class, observe the natural world, and walk the trails.

MHS - Theatre Society Lighting

May 09, 2018

This grant funded MHS Theatre Societylighting equipment to enhance the high school’s theatre productions and reduce ongoing rental costs. Ownership rather than rental equipment also enables greater student participation in lighting design for productions.

District - Educational Film Series for Fall 2018

May 09, 2018

This grant funded a community wide-screening of Beyond Measure, and ownership of Race to Nowhere for community viewing. Through these hosted screenings, the MPS administration seeks to create a forum for discussion about our educational system, balance, social and emotional learning, assessments, and the current challenges we all face as educators and parents. 

District - Innovative Learning Fall 2018

May 09, 2018

This grant funded six educators, including BMS Principal Nat Vaughn and Superintendent Jeff Marsden, to attend the EdTech Teacher Summit November 2018. This conference focuses on bringing educators together to work to identify and share best practices for technology integration and innovative practices in the service of learning.

District - Relevance, Research and Practice Fall 2018

May 09, 2018

This grant funded a team of seven educators, including Jeff Marsden, Nat Vaughn, Mary Bruhl (New Director of Student Services) and 4 other educators (including content specialists who teach/lead in grades 6-12) - to the Learning and the Brain 'Reaching for Greatness' Fall 2018 conference, held in Boston November 16-18. The conference theme is "Using Brain Science to Empower Potential, Passion, and Performance in All Students."

District - Challenge Success Training

May 09, 2018

This grant funded participation in the Challenge Success program for grades 6-12. This research-based program was developed to help school communities provide students with the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed in today’s current fast-paced, high-pressure culture. Funds will provide training, coaching and additional resources to 10 members of the MHS/BMS community (administrators/staff, students and a parent).

District - Inspirational Author Visit - Matt de la Pena

May 09, 2018

This grant funded a "bonus session" with Newbery-award winning author Matt de la Pena. In the extra session (following visits with elementary students), the author will meet with all K-12 teachers and staff.

District - The Innovator's Mindset

This grant funded George Couros to be the keynote speaker and facilitate workshops at Medfield Digital Learning Day. Couros is author of "The Innovator's Mindset," and is one of the most sought-after speakers in education today.

District: One author, one community… Medfield welcomes Kwame Alexander

This grant funded a speaking engagement by Newberry Award winning author and motivational speaker Kwame Alexander.

Memorial Tower Garden

This grant funded a Phase 1 pilot of a tower garden and indoor accessories to establish a vertical garden that produces herbs, fruits and vegetables through the year. The garden will support teaching and learning about life cycles and healthy eating, and also will provide edibles for the students and staff.

Wheelock - Warrior Fitness Challenge

This grant funded fitness equipment which, in conjunction with existing equipment, completed an obstacle course similar to American Ninja Warrior. The grant funded a wild web (rope climbing net), a plank walk and monkey bars.

Wheelock - Library Makerspace & STEAM Collaboration Initiative

This grant funded makerspace activities for the library as well as some classrooms. The materials will be used in Maker Clubs, when teachers/students sign up for extra library time, in a STEAM enrichment group, and in the classroom. Materials include items such as Magnatiles, Qubits, Keva Planks, Osmo Classroom Kits, ProBots, Snap Circuits Jr. and more.

Blake - Constructing Modern Knowledge to Invent the Future Summer Institute

This grant funded the conference fees for four Blake educators to attend the Constructing Modern Knowledge Summer Institute for K-12 educators. The multi-disciplinary team of educators will be immersed in professional development in the areas of MakerEd and STEAM.