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The 2018-2019 Busconi Award was given to Wheelock Principal Donna Olson to will fund a collection of books on Native American culture and literature. 

About the Award

The Elizabeth G. Busconi Memorial Education Fund was established in memory of Liz Busconi, a second grade teacher at Wheelock School, who passed away on August 7, 2007.  She was a talented, creative and loving teacher.  Liz had a gift for making children feel cherished as individuals and confident in their abilities as successful learners.  Her influence upon children, families and friends will be felt forever.

Past Award Recipients

Kerry Cowell and Steve Grenham for a grant proposal to create a graphic novel section at the Dale Street School library dedicated to Mrs. Busconi.


Blake Middle School Seventh Grade Social Studies Teachers Gregory Keohan, Deb Manning and Geri Tasker requested funding for a Museum of Fine Arts Outreach Program. The program will allow all seventh grade students to have a hands-on experience with artifacts from the Ancient World collection at the MFA, including works from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.


Enhancement to the fiction collection at the Wheelock School Library.  Requested by Bethany Robertson.


Wireless keyboards for 8th grade teachers to interface with the Epson projector. Requested by Ellen McConnell, Ian Gagne and Sara Callahan.


Mentor texts to support upper elementary reading comprehension instruction.  Grant to fund quality read-alouds for teacher use at grade 4 and 5. Requested by Jamee Callahan.



Project Read Written Expression Materials – to integrate Project Read materials into the middle school curriculum to enhance instruction which also includes professional training DVDs for middle school teachers.  Requested by Kathleen Caprio, Kristen Kirby and Doris Walker.


Four children’s computer desks and buddy benches purchased to meet the functional needs of preschoolers or elementary students.  The computer desks were put in the library, OT/PT room and preschool so all children have the opportunity to better utilize the computers.  Requested by Sally DeGeorge and Angela Typadis


Contribution given for the annual William Shakespeare Birthday “Bardy” Week at Medfield High School.  Requested by Bonnie Wren-Burgess and the English Dept.


Book Buddies Program – Funds used to purchase a set of paperback books and organizational materials (boxes/bookcase) that allows this special program to continue.  Requested by Patty Allen.

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