Above & Beyond


To support Medfield’s long awaited return to full in-person learning, MCPE facilitated the OneMedfield "Onward" community initiative with five days of fundraising at the end of March. The initiative focused on needs that emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as additional PPE and cleaning supplies, and resources to support students' social and emotional wellness. The needs were outside the parameters of the school budget and may not be covered by state, federal, or other sources of private funds, reimbursements, or grants. At the end of one week, Medfield had raised over $110,000 and the district is forever grateful to the families and community members who came together in a show of support for our teachers, the administration and staff who have worked tirelessly in the interest of our kids for the last year. One community member, Bill Werner, with the help of school committee member Tim Knight, was the first to identify the community’s willingness to do whatever it took to get our kids safely back into the school building full time. Bill worked behind the scenes to raise thousands of dollars in seed money to be used as matching gifts during our fundraising week. His drive, commitment and persuasive skills were key to making this initiative a success. For this reason, MCPE has awarded Bill Werner with the 2020-2021 “Above and Beyond” award. We are so proud of Bill and grateful to him and all of our Onward donors for their outstanding support!

About the Award

This award highlights individuals whose volunteer efforts have contributed in a significant way to Medfield Public School children, above and beyond the regular curricular. These efforts build upon a current or previously funded MCPE grant.

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