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If you want to watch hoops AND support Medfield Public Schools you can sign up now. Brackets will be available to complete on the evening of Sunday March 17th, and must be completed by Thursday, March 21st at noon ET. New this year, we’re offering the ability to sign up for brackets for Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball - or, even better, both!

It costs $20 to sign up for one bracket or $40 for both Men’s and Women’s brackets.


There will be cash prizes , with 50% of all proceeds going to MCPE and 50% split across 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bracket winners!


  1. Register for a men's bracket (click here) and/or women's bracket (click here).

  2. Complete your bracket(s) between Sunday, March 17th and Thursday, March 21st at noon ET.

  3. Send payment for your registration fee(s) to MCPE's Venmo (@mcpe_medfield).

Big thank you to our 2024 March Madness sponsor:
Corcoran & Havlin Insurance!

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