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#Onemedfield Driveway Painting fundraiser


Back for Spring 2021 - MCPE's community driveway painting fundraiser!

Sign up to have our special “M” logo painted on your driveway to show your community spirit! Proceeds will be used by MCPE to fund educational and innovative grants for our K-12 public schools.

How big is the logo?

The logo is approximately 3’x3’.


Where will you paint?

The logo will be painted near the end of your driveway unless you specify otherwise. If you DO NOT want the logo painted at the end of your driveway, please write specific directions on your registration form (i.e., under your basketball hoop, on the front walkway, on the asphalt not cobblestones, etc.). We will not paint the logo on town sidewalks.


What kind of paint are you using?

Paint is semi-permanent spray paint that can be power washed off at your discretion. The durability of the paint depends on how much you drive over it.


Preparation Instructions:

The area to be painted needs to be swept clean prior to painting. We will give you a 24 hour notice when we are coming out (weather dependent). The homeowner does not need to be home when we paint.

Questions? Please contact

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