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When can I sign up?

Sign up starts December 14th and will continue through January 15th, or until we sell out (whichever comes first).


How many people are on a team? 

Each team can have up to 8 players (21+ please).


How many teams are there? 

We can host up to 25 teams of 8, or up to 200 players. 


How long is the event? 

We will have three rounds of 8 questions each. Each round should take about 20 minutes and there are 5 minute breaks between each round. The total event should be around 2 hours. 


Do I need to be a Zoom expert to play?

Not at all! Teams will be automatically sent to (and from) the private breakout rooms by our professional host. You only need a good web connection, a laptop or iphone, and a taste for all things Trivia! Only one member, the team captain, will have to interact with the online platform by typing answers into a web-based answer sheet. We recommend the team captain use a laptop for this reason. 


What if there is a tie? 

If any teams are tied after three rounds we will use a tie-breaker round where the closest answer wins! 


How do we know teams won’t cheat? 

Well, that wouldn’t be much fun now, would it! Put Alexa and Siri in the other room. We will remind players at the start of the event that they should keep the game fair by not cheating and that they are on the honor system. Hopefully, all players are here for a good time and respect that request.

Still have questions? Contact Kate Mombourquette,

Disclaimers & Tips


Internet Connectivity:

MCPE is not held responsible for internet connectivity issues during this event. To optimize your experience, quit any applications on your computer that you will not need during your Zoom event (email, messaging, etc.) to free up computer processing capacity. Be sure to join the event a few minutes early to ensure a proper connection and leave time to troubleshoot any issues. Make sure the kids aren’t streaming Netflix or gaming at the same time as the event. Use a wired ethernet connection (whenever possible) by connecting an ethernet cable to your computer and turn off WiFi. Many connectivity issues in Zoom are caused by poor and unstable WiFi networks. Zoom recommends a minimum internet speed of 1.5 megabits per second (mbps). You can test your internet speed by going to If you are receiving pop-up messages during the event about a poor or unstable internet connection, consider moving to a location closer to your router or turning off your video to free up bandwidth.


Use of Virtual Backgrounds

MCPE’s Virtual Trivia Night is hosted on the TriviaHubLive Zoom platform. Participants are welcome to use Zoom’s virtual background feature if they do not want to have their surroundings visible. To set up a Virtual Background in Zoom click the up arrow by the Zoom video icon and click on “Choose Virtual Background”. We expect that you will select appropriate and family-friendly virtual backgrounds. For a small donation of $25, MCPE will provide a custom virtual background for use during the event which will incorporate your team name and the West Street Veterinary Clinic logo.


Preventing Zoom Bombing:

Wikipedia defines “Zoom Bombing” as the unwanted, disruptive intrusion, generally by Internet trolls, into a video-conference call. In a typical Zoombombing incident, a teleconferencing session is hijacked by the insertion of material that is lewd, obscene, racist, homophobic, or antisemitic in nature, typically resulting in the shutdown of the session. The Trivia event login information will only be shared with paid participants. Do not share the Trivia event login information with any non-participants or post our Trivia event login information in public forums.  MCPE will not be held liable in the event of a “Zoom Bombing” incident.  


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