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MCPE is bringing back our popular Trivia Night in a fun, virtual way!Join 200 of your closest friends on Saturday, January 30th, at 8pm for a full pub trivia experience…without having to leave your couch

Saturday January 30 at 8:00 PM

Teams of up to 8 adults will join other competitors and a professional trivia host on Zoom to play 3 rounds of questions using the TriviaHubLive platform. Teams will jump back and forth to a private breakout room to discuss each answer. As scores are tallied, teams will see exactly where they stand on the online leaderboards. This promises to be fast-paced and humor-filled, testing your knowledge in geography, sports, history, and more.

Mulligans, a free pass in the event your team is stumped on a question, are available for purchase during the registration process (2 for $25).

MCPE is also offering custom Virtual Backgrounds for pre-purchase to use during the event. For a one time fee of $25, everyone on your team will receive a custom virtual background including our sponsor’s logo (West Street Veterinary Clinic) and your selected Team name. The background will be emailed to the team captain one week before the event for distribution to your team members.

Remember...this year’s event is Virtual, so if your college roommate is a “Jeopardy” junkie but lives on the West Coast - this is your chance to sign them up for your team!

Trivia Night sells out quickly, so text your buddies, come up with a memorable team name, and sign up now! All proceeds from this event will support our Medfield schools!


This event is being sponsored by West Street Veterinary Clinic

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