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2023 November Grant Cycle

Our November 2023 Grant cycle was the largest in recent memory. MCPE was thrilled to fund more than $40,500 in grants, benefitting all five schools. With this incredible cycle, we are able to proudly say that all of the money earned during Fall Fest has already been reinvested in our schools!

MCPE was proud to fund the following grants:

At Memorial School: New decodable texts to enrich the reading experience in school and at home plus new Phonetic Awareness tools for Kindergarten, intended to foster literacy development among our youngest readers.

At Wheelock School: New slant boards for student use to facilitate better handwriting and increased attention plus 3-D Doodle pens for the Wheelock MakerSpace that will provide students an avenue for creativity and allow students to make projects they can take with them.

At Dale Street School: New “Read, Ride and Rejuvenate” stationary bicycles in the library to give more students the ability to move during their day, helping with focus and emotional regulation plus additional flexible seating options for fourth grade that allow students to participate fully, collaborate, and engage in critical thinking.

At Blake Middle School: additional tools for the Blake MakerSpace like a large-scale printer and a button maker plus a new professional development opportunity at Blake and the High School focused on community empowerment through inclusion.

At Medfield High School: A new TV production/video studio that will be used by students to create content that can be shared within the school and the town at large via Medfield TV and the department’s YouTube channel.

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