The Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award

Bob Maguire dedicated 22 years of his educational career to the Medfield Public Schools. He served as principal of Medfield High School for 8 years and then 14 years as Superintendent.  In recognition of Bob’s commitment to our students, MCPE has created this award to honor an educator in the Medfield school community who embodies Bob’s legacy of exposing our students to the world beyond Medfield. 


This award will be given to a staff member whose effort embodies Bob’s vision for further developing students’ global understanding and readiness to engage in the expanding global economy. Similar to Bob, the award recipient will be someone who inspires students to look beyond the town of Medfield and learn more about the global community through innovative programs and technologies. This may include initiatives that:

A.  Use innovative technologies to enhance learning, foster collaboration, and develop connections with other people and communities

B.  Increase multicultural awareness and appreciation

C.  Bring multicultural elements into the curriculum

D.  Develop links with schools or organizations in other nations or different ethnic communities within the US

Click here to download the The Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award Application

The application deadline for the 2016-2017 school year is April 13, 2017.

2017 Winner Monique Goodrow-Trach, Medfield HS French Teacher

Past Winners:
2014 Bethany Sager, Dale St. School 5th Grade Teacher
2015 David Ruggierio, Memorial School Music Teacher
2016 Robert Parga, Medfield HS Principal

MCPE Contact:

Kate Boxmeyer & Claire Shield, MCPE Co-Presidents