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Thank you Medfield! Together we have raised over $110,000!  We will continue to update our progress as we count last minute donations and company match contributions.  We are closing this campaign, but you can still donate to MCPE via our donation page.

We are so proud of this community and thank all of our donors for their outstanding support!


MCPE is facilitating a community fundraising initiative - #OneMedfield Onward - with 5 days of fundraising to cover needs that have emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. These needs are outside the parameters of the school budget and may not be covered by state, federal, or other sources of private funds, reimbursements, or grants.


We’re all in this together—as One Medfield! All of us—teachers, staff, students, families, administrators—have united in our shared commitment to making this year productive, rewarding, and enriching.


We are thrilled that our children have the opportunity to finish the year as they and their families feel comfortable, whether that is virtually or fully in-person with the teachers they love, 5 days a week! 

Have questions?  Please read the FAQ.

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