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2021-2022 Individual Donors

The following donors helped MCPE award enriching and motivational grants this year:
(Updated June 13, 2022)

Visionary ($2,500+)

Steve & Christine McManama

Leader ($500 - $999)

Kimberly Woolley

Katherine Doyle

Howland Family Foundation

Advocate ($200 - $499)

Kelly Wysocki

Stephen Greene

Teichman Charitable Fund

James & Maryanne Sullivan

Steward ($100 - $199)

Jonathan Bernstein

Beth Rumul

Andrew & Sonali Marciniszyn

Kate & Marc Mombourquette

Angela Cuenca

David & Lois Ashcroft

Clair Meehan

Partner (0 - $99)

Scott Soucy

Elizabeth LaRowe

Andre & Elizabeth Behrmann

Thomas & Amy Blake

Christophe McMahon

Deborah & William Murphy

Lindsay Mattioli

Stephen K. Repoff

Donna McDonald

Maureen & William Stuart

Patti Mesite

Lindsay Rodgers

Maria Warner

Audra Dimitriadis

Louise Aronowitz

Angela DiNisco

Kristen Feig

Blake Finchen

Lisa LaForte

Thank you to the following companies for matching employee donations:


State Street

VMWare Foundation

RFG Financial

GW&K Investment Management

thank you!

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