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Celebrate Blue Ribbon Day 2021 and recognize a special teacher or staff member for making a difference in a student's life!

MCPE’s Blue Ribbon Recognition Program honors teachers and school staff for making a difference in a student’s life. This year, families can sign up to participate in Blue Ribbon Day by donating $10 for each participating student.


Each student will receive our limited edition 2020/2021 “I did it with the help of my Blue Ribbon Teacher” t-shirt along with two blue ribbon note cards for students to write a note of thanks to teachers, bus drivers, specialists, or other staff members who have made a difference in their year.

On May 28, students are encouraged to wear their shirts to school to celebrate Blue Ribbon Day and deliver their handwritten notes. T-shirts and note cards will be delivered starting May 25th.


Price for participation is $10 per student. 

Registration for this event is now closed.

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