MCPE and PTO:  What is the Difference?

MCPE (Medfield Coalition for Public Education)

  • • Provides funding support for all Medfield public schools
  • • Grants are awarded to support the development of innovative programs, curriculum and academic enrichment
  • • Grant applications can be submitted by any school personnel
  • • Each school has an MCPE grant representative to help with the grant application    process
  • • Grants are voted on by the elected 18 member board which meets monthly
  • • Grant applications and information can be found at
  • • Fundraising includes Community Trivia Night, teacher auction items for the on-line auction, Fall Ball, and Annual Appeal.

MCPE Mission

The Medfield Coalition for Public Education (MCPE or “The Coalition”) is an independent, non-profit organization funded to provide system-wide support and academic enrichment for the Medfield Public Schools, with particular attention to academic needs that exceed the parameters of the school budget. We strive to encourage and maintain academic excellence in the face of increasing financial constraints. MCPE awards grants to support the development of innovative programs, curriculum and enrichment. Awards favor projects that meet student needs and increase motivation to learn, as well as stimulate creativity in the classroom. All staff, teachers, administrators and counselors are eligible to apply for a grant, as long as a direct impact upon students can be demonstrated.

PTO (Parent Teacher Association)

  • • Each school (K-8) has its own PTO which provides support for that specific school
  • • School support is both monetary and volunteer based
  • • Funding can be approved for any school need and is not limited to academic enrichment
  • • Funding requests are voted on by all school community members in attendance at the PTO meetings
  • • Organizes school volunteers for classroom and teacher support
  • • Plans events such as family activities, kids’ night out and performing arts
  • • Fundraising includes SCRIP, teacher auction items for Winter Carnival, catalog sales, etc.

PTO Mission

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote a strong working relationship and communication between parents, teachers, students and the community for the enrichment of our educational system.