Grants Awarded to Date by MCPE 2007 – 2016


Increasing Student Engagement by Enhancing
Data Collection in the Science Lab 
(High School)

Desktop Fabrication Integration with DiWire Bender Machine (Blake)

A Culture of Screenagers (Blake)

Project Happiness (Blake)

A Visit by Michael Thompson, Ph.D. (District)

Video Production and Editing (High School)

Bringing the Power of Making to the Classroom (Blake)

Makerspace Memorial Library (Memorial)

Project Collaboration (Blake)

Continued Growth in Ballroom Dance (High School)

Classroom HowdaHug Chairs (Wheelock)

Expanding Opportunities For Coding With KIBO Robotics (Memorial)

Jessica Cox School and Community Presentations (Blake)

Expanding STEM @ MHS Robotics Club (High School)

Chinese Culture Days (Wheelock)

Furniture for Makerspace (Wheelock)

Library Makerspace (Memorial)

Brain Break Boxes (Memorial)

Project Moves… Accept Me performance (Blake)

Coding Parrot’s Rolling Spider Drones (Blake)

Mike Smith, Motivational Speaker (High School)

Plagiarism Pamphlets for Medfield High School (High School)

Bringing Ideas to Life Through 3D Printing (Blake)

Enhancing Our Practices on the Ascent to the Summit (Blake)

Wheelock Break Room for All Learners (Wheelock)

Explore Chinese Culture (Wheelock)

Playing, Learning and Creating with Robots at Memorial School (Memorial)

Blake Middle School Fitness Equipment (Blake)


Bren Bataclan Art Presentation & Mural Creation (Wheelock)

Native Speakers of French (High School)

Kindergartners Read! (Memorial)

Food Play Theater Show (Wheelock & Memorial)

Johnny Earle (Johnny Cupcakes) Presentation (High School)


Mobilizing the Blake Computer Lab (Blake)

Creating & Tinkering in the Makerspace (Blake)

World Drumming Curriculum (Blake)

iPad Center Pilot Part 2 (Memorial)

Welcoming Dash and Dot to Blake #roboticsatBlake (Blake)

iPads for Dale Street School (Dale)

iPads for Wheelock School: Final Stage of Three-Year Technology Vision Grant (Wheelock)

Striving to Reach the Summit iPad Conference (Blake)

Assessing Feedback to Engage and Motivate Students (Blake)

National Honor Society Advisor Presentation (High School)


Grade 7 Spanish Reading Center (Blake)

iPad Summit Conference (Blake)

What’s New in Children’s Literature Conference (Dale)

Wagner Percussion Workshop (Blake)

NEASCD Conference (Blake)

Mac Minis (Blake)

iPad Technology Initiative (Wheelock)

Native Speakers of French (High School)

NSTA Conference (Dale)

NSTA Conference (Blake & High School)

NSTA Conference (Wheelock)

DiLL Language Lab Project (Blake & High School)

iPads  (Dale)

iPads in the Primary Classroom (Memorial)

Poetry Month (Blake)

ADL Peer Training Program (Blake)

Good Grief Training (High School)

NECTFL Conference (Wheelock, Dale, Blake & High School)

Essentially Ellington Jazz Competition (High School)

Art Program Sketchbooks (Dale)

iPad Technology Initiative Phase II (Wheelock)

Check Out Our New Learning Collaboratory (Blake)


Spanish Reading Corner (Blake)

Ben Speaks Presentation (Blake)

R.J. Palacio Author Visit (Blake)

In Good Company “We Are America” Performance (Dale)

WAR-P.A.T.H. Advisory Stipend (High School)

School Health Summer Institute (Systemwide)

Computer Animation of Cellular Processes (Blake)

Start Write District Site License (Wheelock)

Non-Fiction Leveled Texts (Dale)

Project Moves Dance Company Performance (Blake & High School)

iRovers (Memorial)

Document Cameras (Wheelock)

Chris Herren Presentation (High School)

Native Speakers for French Students (High School)

Wagner Percussion Workshop Performance (Blake)

Math Document Cameras (Blake)

Ballroom Dance (High School)

SolidWorks Software Program for Engineering Class (High School)

Teacher Training for iPad in the Classroom Pilot Project (District)

NEASCD Curriculum Development Conference (Blake)


SEPAC Community Enrichment Initiative – Speaker Series (District)

Interactive Whiteboards (Wheelock)

Advisory Program (High School)

Math Document Cameras (High School)

Auditorium Showcase Project (High School)

Rachel’s Challenge Program (High School)

Wagner Percussion Workshop (Blake)

NEASCD Curriculum Development Conference (Blake)

iPad and Training Seminar (Memorial)

Talking with your Teen about Substance Abuse – presentation by Jon Mattleman (High School)

MacBook and Software for Fine Arts Website (District)

Textbooks for Professional Development – Teaching At Risk Readers (Memorial/Wheelock)

Math Document Cameras and Tablets (Blake)

Document Cameras (Dale St)

Introduction to Spanish Culture: Flamenco Workshop (High School)

Chris Herren – Speaker for Student Assembly (High School)

Honeybees, Beekeeping and Gardening (Memorial)

iCollect Display Case for the Library (Memorial)

The Revels: An American Journey – Performance Recreating Immigration Experiences (Dale St)

Infant Simulators for Child Care and Development Class (High School)

Deana’s Educational Theater – Interactive Theatrical Presentation on Bullying (Blake)

Document Cameras (Wheelock)

Geo Motion Mats for Physical Education (Wheelock)

Browsing Box Books for Classrooms (Memorial)

Student Protective Gear for Personal Safety Class (High School)

Smartboards, Document Cameras, and Laptops (Memorial)

Autism/Asperger Conference (Blake)

Digital Art Equipment (High School)

Music Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera (Blake)

Massachusetts Reading Association, Wayland Institute Conferences (Memorial/Wheelock/Dale)

Startwrite Handwriting Worksheet Wizard Site License (Memorial)

DI Global Team Donation (High School)

Gymnasium Blinds (Blake)

Wireless Microphones for Auditorium (Blake)

Trout in the Science Classrooms (Blake)

Creature Feature Transportation (Blake)

Wellness iPad (High School)

Art Department Document Cameras (District)

Victory Garden Shed (Wheelock)


Race to Nowhere – Documentary Screening for Students and Community (District)

Travis Roy – Opening Day Speaker for Staff (District)

Adventure Team Field Trips for At Risk Students (High School)

The Revels: An American Journey – Performance Recreating Immigration Experiences (Dale St)

Graston Physical Therapy Tools (High School)

Trip to Boston for Bengbu Exchange Students (High School/Blake)

Project Able Technology Supporting Math Instruction (Blake)

Integrating SMART Response Systems into the Classroom (Blake)

Naviance Software Add-On (High School)

Native Speakers of French in Upper Level French Classes (High School)

Wagner Percussion Workshop (Blake)

Call to Excellence Assembly by Ed Gerety (High School)

Social Thinking Training for Speech/Language Pathologists and Psychologists (District)

Harvard Model Congress (High School)

Light Board and Stage Light Project (Blake)

Ballroom Dancing Curriculum Development (High School)

Turning Point Technology (High School)

Improving Mathematics Instruction Workshop (Wheelock)

Reading Corner “Back-Jack” Chairs (Wheelock)

Art in the Community – Student Art Framed and Installed at Local Businesses (Memorial)

Literacy Conference (Wheelock)

Sports Equipment for High School Track Team (High School)

Understanding the Adolescent Brain – Presentation by Joanie Geltman (District)

Dell Inspiron Lap Top Theater Project (Blake)

CrossFit Level 1 Training Course for Wellness Teachers (High School)

Materials for Improving Mathematics Instruction (Wheelock)

Story Grammar Marker Tools (Memorial)

Wayland Literacy Institute (Memorial)

Response to Intervention (RTI) Workshop “In the Trenches” (Dale St)

Creature Feature Transportation (Blake)


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Conference (High School/Blake)

Rachel’s Challenge Program and Call To Excellence Assembly (High School)

Pixie 2 Software for Drawing, Animation, and Presentations (Memorial/Wheelock/Dale St)

Medfield to China – Link to the Future (High School)

Writers in Residence (Dale St)

Angel Wagner Latin Musical Workshop (Blake)

Rehabilitation Equipment for Physical Therapy (High School)

Native Speakers of French in Upper Level French Classes (High School)

Buzz In for Learning Console and Accessories (Blake)

Developing Link Sheets Teacher Training (Blake)

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Modalities (High School)

Workshop on Helping Students with Executive Functioning (Memorial)

Art Matters Art Awareness Program (Dale St)

Fitness Equipment for Wellness Classes (High School)

Harvard Model Congress (High School)

Web-Based Catalog and Circulation System for Libraries (District)

Auditorium Sound System Repair & Upgrade (Dale St)

Marimba Magic Instruments (Dale St)

New England Kindergarten Conference (Memorial)

Portable Screen for School Assemblies (Blake)

Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) Parent Presentation on Internet Safety and Cyberbullying (Blake)

Lyme Disease Prevention Curriculum Support (Wheelock)

Summer Reading Program (Memorial)

Interactive Whiteboards (Dale St)

All Night Graduation Party Donation (High School)

Destination Imagination Donation (High School)


Computer Aided Drafting & Design Conference (High School)

Travis Roy – Speaker for Student Assembly (Blake)

Ancient Civilizations Atlases (Blake)

Native Speakers of French in Upper Level French Classes (High School)

Promised Land: The Immigration Experience Performance (Dale St)

Musculoskeletal Model and DVD for Wellness Classes (High School)

Re-certification for Brain Based Teaching Strategies (High School)

Loss, Language, Listening and Learning Presentations for Staff and Parents (District)

China Exchange Initiative (District)

MAFLA Conference for Foreign Language Teachers (Blake)

Library Video Editing Upgrade (Blake)

Response to Intervention (RTI) Task Force, Consultant, Seminars, Materials (Memorial)

Wagner Percussion Workshop (Blake)

Therapeutic Slant Boards to Support Handwriting and Fine Motor Growth (Memorial)

National Association of School Psychologists Conference (District)

Books for Classroom Libraries (Dale St)

Math Center and Morning Math Club (Blake)

AP U.S. History Workshop (High School)

Administrator Exchange Program –Welcome Reception Donation (District)

Weighted Lap Lizards and Inflated Seat Cushions (Wheelock)

Conference for School Nurses (District)

3D Display Panels for Fine Arts Department (Blake)

Special Olympic Field Trip (Wheelock)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Trainers (District)

Technology Teaching Tools for World Geography (Blake)

Math Club (Wheelock)

Writing Workshop (Memorial/Wheelock/Dale St)

Summer Reading Program (Memorial)

Professional Learning Communities Conference (High School)

Comic Celebration of Reading – Mime and Professional Speaker Robert Rivest (Blake)

Professional Development Materials (FISH) for Developing Positive School Culture (Dale St)

The Revels: An American Journey – Performance Recreating Immigration Experiences (Dale St)


Literacy Consultant (Memorial)

Letter People Hand Puppets (Memorial)

Authentic Listening Practice DVDs for AP Spanish (High School)

Good Grief Professional Development Sessions (High School/Blake)

Adventure Team Field Trips for At Risk Students (High School)

Stacking Cups for Physical Education (Wheelock)

Angel Wagner Afro-American Musical Workshop (Blake)

Choral Risers for the Auditorium (Blake)

DNA Models by Legos for Science Classes (Blake)

NSTA Conference for Science Teachers (High School/Blake)

Smartboards for Math (Blake)

Zullo Gallery Donation (District)

Baseball/Softball Field Renovation (High School)

AlphaSmart Technology (Dale St)

Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology Transparencies (High School)

Electric String Ensemble Instruments (Blake)

Ride the Wave Campaign to Reduce Alcohol and Drug Use (High School)

Tutor Support (High School)

Orff Schulwerk Music Teacher Training (Memorial)

Chinese Enrichment Materials for Mandarin Class (High School)

Ellington Competition – Jazz Band (High School)

Our Wonderful Bodies DVD Series (Wheelock)

Drip Irrigation System for Victory Garden (Wheelock)

Virtual Physical Science Lab Software Site License (Blake)